Update the Thumbnail of Your Facebook Post

Mistakes happen, here is how to fix this one.


As a social media marketer you need to make sure your posts are eye-grabbing and engaging. This includes not only the text and links in your posts, but also the images used. Images are one of the first things that people see on a website and when you’re on Facebook the images tied to your posts help make them stand out in a sea of information.

HELP! I tagged my post with the wrong image

Whether it was a slip of the hand that clicked the wrong image or perhaps your page had the wrong image in the “og:image” metatag, it is not very obvious how to fix this mistake on the Facebook page. One thing social marketers have to keep in mind is Facebook “caches” images and text from your webpages when they are submitted, this means the information you give Facebook when you submit your post will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Wait, so is my only option to delete the post?

While deleting the post will resolve the issue by allowing you to change the image it does not help you from a social marketing standpoint. When you repost something you are likely to annoy people that subscribe to your posts as they will see the same post again and that might lead them to view your profile as one that spams people or worst still they might stop following you. The real solution is to get familiar with the Facebook debugging console.

Debug? But I’m not a programmer

While the name of the page might seem a little daunting, this page is a tool with which social marketers need to be familiar. This page allows you to look at the “metadata” that is embeded in your page, this means you can see your webpage exactly how Facebook sees it.

Facebook debugging console Above is a screenshot of a previous post from this site being examined by the debugger, as you can see is shows us how the post will look on facebook, including the text, images, and layout (don’t forget that different post types have different sizes and layouts). It is important that you make sure you update the “og:image” metadata in your webpage to ensure Facebook is able to get the image you want. Once you have updated the tag simply click “Scrape Again” and Facebook will read your page and look for any updates.

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