Setup Nginx and PHP on Windows

If you are a windows user and looking to host your own website then Nginx is a great light-weight server application you can use.

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Unlock a BitLocker Drive from Commandline

BitLocker drives are a great way to keep your data secure and it is very convenient to use. However, unlocking a drive via commandline is rather cumbersome.

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Mount a VHD Image as a Drive

If you have been a good little user and decided to create an image of your computer, you might need to access just an individual file sometimes.

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Parse that Querystring with a JQuery Plugin

As a web developer, it is important to have a great toolbox! Here is a great little addition that transforms the querystring into a Javascript object.

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Compile your Jekyll based site from Sublime Text 3

My time with Sublime is great, but you still need to switch windows from time to time. Here is how to build a Jekyll site in Sublime Text 3.

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Clear Your CloudFlare Cache When You Deploy to Openshift

Love Openshift and CloudFlare, well make that relationship even better with a bit of automation.

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